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Why Your Videos Aren’t Growing in Popularity

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Published: Monday, January 20, 2014

When it comes to the thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube every day it's hard to stand out. Out of those thousands of videos uploaded on any given day, only a small portion of them will actually go on to attract thousands, millions and in very rare cases, billions of views. But what's the key to getting your videos to attract and gain views? Even if the video you created used top-notch production values and cost you a bundle of money to produce, there are still a multitude of common reasons why some YouTube videos will fail to attract an audience. Here are some of the more common reasons they fail:

  • They have been poorly produced or are simply just hard to watch because they are boring.

  • The use of unoriginal content that does not stand out from the competitors.

  • The video was not properly created to cater to its target audience.

  • The video lacks content that is informative or entertaining and basically serves no purpose to the viewer.

  • The video goes on for far too long and fails to continue to maintain your viewer's attention.

  • A lack of visually compelling imagery. Viewers look to videos because they want the imagery in partnership with the information otherwise they'd be listening to a podcast or reading a blog. Try to come up with fun creative ways to make your videos visually compelling.

  • The video is lacking a descriptive title and utilizes poorly selected tags or keywords. This ultimately makes it very hard and in some cases, impossible to find your videos using YouTube's search feature or search engine.

  • Lack of promoting or advertising to try and boost your video's exposure.

  • The receipt of "dislikes" or negative comments shortly after uploading your video. Viewers who stumble upon the video after these "dislikes" or negative comments are more likely to be driven away and find the video not worth the time to watch due to them.

Now that you are more aware of some the reasons why many videos on YouTube fail to draw the attention of an audience, you'll have a better idea on how you can avoid making these mistakes during the creation of an upcoming video. Remember, to take time to really think and plan out the imagery, information and goals of your video. The more precise you are the better your video will be. Don't worry about everything falling perfectly into place during the filming of your first few videos and instead realize that your skill and experience will develop over time.

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