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SiteManager, the All Inclusive Turn-key Web Content Management System

A whole lot of tools! SiteManager includes everything you need to put you in control of your website, making you your own SEO Webmaster.

Web Hosting Service

Get Infinity Arts reliable web hosting backed with Windows Server and MS SQL Database technologies. Our CMS hosting service includes FTP access, 10GB of data transfer and up to 1GB of data storage.

Web Design Template Manager

Create and update web design templates and website controls including CSS styles sheets, JavaScript includes and more. Includes versioning for content backup & restoring.

Web Page Content Editor

The custom content manager with WYSIWYG editor makes it a breeze to create and edit web pages, content, graphics and even allows you to add your flash files. Includes versioning for content backup & restoring.

Blog / RSS Feed Manager

Quickly setup categories and content rich posts to your RSS Blog directly from the Web Page Content Editor - WYSIWYG.

SEO Friendly CMS Web Page Editor Tools

SiteManager has also been developed with Search Engines Robots in mind. Our SEO friendly CMS system utilizes clean URL's and generates valid HTML code making it as easy as possible for Search Engine Robots to crawl your web pages.

Web Campaign Tools

Easily setup web campaign & conversion tracking tickers to work with any web advertising programs such as Google, Yahoo! or MSN pay per click advertising.

SEO Performance Tools

You can specify your optimized keywords to your web pages links and we also include a tool for checking your website's Search Engine Ranking. Control all your Meta-tags for your web pages and blog posts!

Google Analytics

We also setup and integrate Google Analytics for additional tracking & reporting also making it easy to tie into your Google Adwords account. Note: utilizing the Google tools, requires that you create a Free Google account.