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Web Sites Improve Chances of Surviving Recession

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Published: Thursday, January 22, 2009

Most small businesses have known the country has been in recession for some time. They didn't need an official announcement from the Federal Reserve Bank last month to tell them that people are having a hard time financially. Sales are down; advertising budgets have been slashed and new customers harder to reach. There is a bright spot in the business economy. However company's look to their own web sites to do the heavy lifting when it comes to promoting their business.

Having a strong internet presence means that not only is your web site easy to find on the internet, but also that the site is consistently listed in search engine rankings, contains keyword rich content that appeals to web surfers and does more than just tell customers how to contact you. Your web site is many times the first introduction a potential customer will have to your company. Having an eye pleasing design and easy to navigate site is as important as having a pleasant receptionist or friendly sales person in your brick and mortar offices. Internet sales are claiming increased market share each year, up to nearly 4% in 2008. And with the state of the current economy, that number is sure to increase in 2009 as physical storefronts close and more people turn to the web to find what they need.

But that doesn't make web advertising any more affordable. In fact, financial analyst Kiplinger reports that the recession is crimping online display ads, stating that internet ads will drop by 1.3% in the coming year. This comes after years of astonishing, double digit growth. Print and other media ads are being cut as well. Kiplinger states that the drop could be as high as 5% as businesses use their own web sites to pick up a greater share of marketing.

Use Search Engine Optimization to Make the Most of Your Advertising Budget

Increase return on your advertising budget not by buying more online ads, but by improving your search engine rankings. Does your web site showcase articles, blogs, or product descriptions that contain keywords customers are looking for? Know what your customers are plugging into search engines and then make sure you use those terms liberally throughout your site. Known as search engine optimization or SEO for short, this strategy can improve your rankings on the most popular search engines, listing your business higher on the list and therefore more likely to be viewed.

Infinity Arts specializes in SEO Management and content enhancement to help you reach your financial goals through your web site. Contact us today for a personal consultation about how to make the most return on your advertising budget in tight economic times.

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