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Utilizing Pinterest for Direct Marketing

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Published: Friday, September 28, 2012

This week, we'll be discussing how you can utilize Pinterest for direct marketing. In our last blog we discussed how business owners could utilize their Pinterest accounts as a form of integrated marketing, so let's first take a quick moment to recap:

  1. Broaden and expand your level of exposure by cross-promoting your content through multiple social media outlets like a blog, a Facebook page, Twitter, etc... Also utilize cross-promotion when creating online contests for maximum coverage.

  2. Taking advantage of the "Pin It" button by adding it to your website or blog. This will allow visitors to easily pin your images or video content with the ease of a single click.

Direct Marketing

While you can't actually try to sell anything directly through your Pinterest habits, it certainly does not mean that you cannot use Pinterest for marketing. When it comes to your marketing habits, you'll just simply need to learn how to think outside-the-box. To help you, we've provided a few simple ideas to help you begin thinking about ways to creatively market yourself on Pinterest:

  1. Create exclusive product bundles. As we had mentioned in one of our previous blogs, you can utilize Pinterest to create custom product pin boards. Take this idea to the next level by creating a board with an exclusive set of product bundles which you offer at a special price. Think them bundles like a graduation party supply bundle or maybe even a baby shower supply bundle.

  2. Creating Coupon Pin Boards. If your business utilizes a multitude of coupons over the web, consider creating a pin board for your coupons. This really is a great way to share them with a larger audience base.

  3. Using QR Codes for Pin Boards. The same train of thought that goes for coupons can also be applied to QR codes. This also works really great for businesses that utilize creatively designed QR codes instead of standard QR codes.

We really hope that these set of tips have helped to provide you with a little more insight on ways businesses could utilize Pinterest as a beneficial marketing tool. For more information on great marketing tips and other ways you can improve your online marketing campaign as a business owner, be sure to keep an eye out for our future blogs. You can also give us a call at 1-951-541-9304 where you can get in touch with a marketing consultant about our SEO management and PPC management services.

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