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Using Your Blog as a Marketing Tool

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Published: Friday, August 19, 2011

Over the years, blogging has grown to become an intensely powerful tool. Through blogging, both large and small businesses alike have the ability to easily reach out to their customers or target audience. By utilizing your blog as a powerful marketing tool, you have the potential to greatly increase the amount of traffic your site receives. This can help you to develop stronger leads, contacts and clients, while establishing a sense of rapport and community with the readers - your potential customers.

One of the biggest and most important reasons why blogging is a great tool is the fact that the content is always changing. On top of the fact that it's keeping your customers/audience regularly updated, the new content is actually helping your blog to be continually recognized by search engines. Here's the reason why: for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc... it's all about maintaining a dynamic site therefore content is King. By providing fresh content on a regular basis, you have the potential to be found on search engines for a variety of search terms/keywords.

Here are a few simple tips to get the most out of your blog:

  1. It's better to update regularly with only a small amount of content, than to update it with larger blocks of content every so often. Just two or three small paragraphs can be enough to make an impact.

  2. Maintain an overall theme to your blog. For example, if you're blog is about real estate and that's what you want to be known for, stick to writing about real estate trends, the real estate market, current real estate listings, real estate tips, real estate agents, etc... Don't randomly blog about an entirely different subject matter. The more relevant your blog is as a whole, the more powerful it becomes.

  3. When you are getting ready to write your next post, strive to keep the subject matter of the particular post on point. For example, if you're going to be writing about a specific product, make the post all about it and only it. It is also important to utilize specific key phrases/words that are relevant to the particular subject matter or product.

Let's see an example of these tips in action:

One of our clients, who is a Close to My Heart Consultant, maintains her own personal scrapbooking blog: My Passion for Scrapbooking. Let's use her blog to point out all of the three tips listed above and how they have helped her stand out in a crowd on Google.

  1. Our client makes it a point to post to her blog on a regular basis. For a great example, check out a complete list of her blog posts here. If you took a look at that list, you'll find that as of today, the 19th of August, she has already posted 11 blogs; in the month of July, she was able to post 16 blogs. It isn't necessary to write a post every day, but it is a great idea to try and write at least a few a week.

  2. The name of her blog says it all: My Passion for Scrapbooking. As you can tell, her blog is all about anything and everything related to scrapbooking tips and projects as well as Close to My Heart products.

  3. For our third tip in action, let's use one of blog posts titled: Where to Buy the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge? If you take a look at this post, you'll find that the entire post is relevant to the subject of her title; she focuses specifically on how and where you can buy the product in question. Secondly, if you notice in the title of her post, she is focusing on a product called the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge. You'll notice that throughout her post, she utilizes "Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge" as her key phrase/word. Keep in mind, this is just one of multiple blog posts she has written that refer to the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge.

The results:

Through regular blogging and maintaining a consistent subject focus, our client has been able to achieve page ONE results on Google! Not just one result, but three! As I mentioned, the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge is a common theme in some of her blog posts, so if you notice in the screen shot below, each of the three results reflect a different blog post (each of which refer to the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge). One of the results happens to be the blog post mentioned above.

With results like these, our client has the potential to reach a massive audience that she might not have been able to reach without the help of her blog.

So you see, using your blog for all that it can be has the potential to not only increase your page ranking on search engines, but to also make your site more appealing and visible to visitors searching for your product or subject matter.

For more information on how you can improve your online marketing to customers, either stay tuned for our next blog posting or get in touch with us today at 1-951-541-9304 to speak with a marketing consultant about SEO management and PPC management for customer marketing.

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