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Using Pinterest for Indirect Marketing

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Published: Friday, September 7, 2012

Not unlike most other social media sites, Pinterest can also be a really great stage for indirect marketing. If you don't know already, Pinterest is similar to that of a social bookmarking tool only it's all based around images and videos. On Pinterest, you'll be able to "pin" your favorite online images or videos to a virtual pin board where other members can either "repin", like or comment on them. What's best is the fact that Pinterest is free, fun and easy to use. What business owners may not realize is that the visual aspect of Pinterest offers a wide variety of creative ways for businesses to connect with consumers.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Customized product pin boards: While it does depend on the types of products a business may be selling, a custom product pin board can be easily created to indirectly market a business' products. For example, if you own a cosmetics line you could easily create a pin board that features specific beauty looks/trends that include lip sticks, blushes/bronzers, eyeliners, eye shadows, nail polish or other beauty products. Instead of merely republishing an online collection/catalog, a pin board easily allows for custom combinations for specific purposes, events or themes.

  2. Audience-specific pin boards: Think of this type of pin board being similar to that of a customized product pin board, the only difference is that you create specific pin boards for different divisions of your target audiences. Still using the cosmetics line as an example, you could create specific pin boards like: "Face," "Nails," "Hair," or "Beauty Tutorials."

  3. Pinterest for contests: Using Pinterest for contests can not only get extremely creative, but can be easily promoted across a variety of business' social media profiles. For example, create a contest for the best image pinned of a customer created make-up look or make-up how to.

  4. Using Pinterest for market research: Pinterest can be a great tool when used as an informal way of gathering market research for developing better products, programs, packaging concepts, experiences, etc... Simply pin images of new products or programs in development and ask what people think about it.

  5. Pin boards featuring educational/how-to videos: If you already create how-to videos on a YouTube account or even tutorials on a business blog, Pinterest is the perfect place for you to pin and share this content. You can even create a specific pin board that caters strictly to how-to videos for wider exposure.

We hope these tips have given you a little more insight on how Pinterest can be a useful tool for your business. In our next blog we'll be discussing how Pinterest can be used for integrated marketing purposes. For more great information on ways to improve your online marketing, either stay tuned for our next blog or simply give us a call at 1-951-541-9304 where you can speak directly with a marketing consultant about our SEO management and PPC management services.

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