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Succeeding at Twitter for Small Businesses

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Published: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For small businesses, Twitter has the power to be an incredibly useful tool. Twitter can be used as a way for business owners to stay on top of what's going on in the world, in addition to helping them connect with their key target audience on a daily basis. By taking advantage of such a great free tool, small business owners can greatly boost their exposure and gain new customers and potential leads. To help you take advantage of everything that Twitter has to offer, we've put together a list of tips to help small business owners get the most out of the time they spend on Twitter.

  1. Create a presence. After you create a Twitter account, be sure to find or create a great image that's reflective of your business. This is the picture that should be used as your profile photo. After you've found a great profile picture, take the time to write up a great profile description that lets your followers know what your business does. If you have a website, make sure to include your sites URL in your description.

  2. Get in touch with your customers. If you are currently using or have used email marketing, you can utilize your list of email addresses to get in touch with and engage your customers on Twitter. You can also search for potential customers by searching Twitter with hashtag phrases that are related to your business or business interests. From there you follow like-minded individuals that share your same interests.

  3. Pay attention and listen. Twitter gives you the ability to find out all kinds of info on the culture or area that you're interested in. By taking the time to really listen to your customers, you'll be able to tailor your business around the needs and wants of your client base.

  4. Figure out your social media goals. Are you looking for more followers or are more interested in having people engage with your content. Or are you looking for potential leads, sales or a boost in traffic to your site? By establishing your goals, you will be able to craft better targeted content for twitter. For example, if you are interested in increasing your sales, it would make more sense to post about any deals or special offers that your business is running. But if you are looking to increase traffic to your site, it would make more sense to tweet links to content that has been published on your site.

  5. Experimentation. Don't be afraid to experiment with your audience. The more you know and engage, the easier it will be for you to find your voice and personality, in addition to what works best with your followers.

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