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Infinity Arts Drives Huge Results for BabyJanes with SEO Management Services

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Published: Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Challenge:
Help generate new sales and visitor traffic for BabyJanes, baby hair accessories online web store.

Our Solution:
Boost selling opportunity by increasing natural search engine visibility and keyword placement to grow website product awareness & visitor traffic.

BabyJanes partnered with Infinity Arts' SEO management services to help boost search engine performance for their website, BabyJanes.com. On startup of our SEO management program, January 2008 - we created a detailed Google Analytics 3 month visitor traffic report ranging from October to December, 2007 (Comp A). After three months of SEO strategy and implementation we created another detailed comparison report ranging from January to March, 2008 (Comb B).

Since employing our SEO management services, BabyJanes visitor traffic has dramatically improved. In fact, Infinity Arts has increased visitor traffic by 283%. During Comp A, a total of 1,177 visitors made their way to BabyJanes.com and organic search engine traffic was derived from 484 related keyword phrases.

Looking at the duration of Comp B, a substantial increase of 3,330 total visitors were experienced and Infinity Arts services boosted natural search engine keyword ranking delivering 1,224 keywords - that's a keyword ranking improvement of 253%!

Infinity Arts offers proven experience and drives search engine marketing results to your web presence. Tune back in for more success stories and how we are helping business grow. How did we do it? Ask Us How... We can help you drive more traffic with SEO management services.

View Project: www.BabyJanes.com

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