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SEO Basics - Making Sense of Search Engine Optimization Part I

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Published: Thursday, January 10, 2008

This is the first of a series of installments on the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization, which you may know as SEO. What is SEO? In short SEO is the ever evolving task of enhancing your website for optimal search engine performance to gain visibility and traffic - ultimately getting your website found by the billions people searching on Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Some think that's an easy task? Most don't even know what SEO means to an online business? At the end of day we all understand that if your website isn't being visited, well then you just have a website.

Each keyword term or phrase that you type into a search engine results in hundreds of thousands if not millions of web pages all competing to be on top. And in the famous words of Bobby Ricky, "if you ain't first your last". How often do you browse to page 3 or beyond? Below (see Image 2) you'll find an image showcasing InfinityArts.com with a keyword ranking in Google for the keyword phrase: CMS Hosted Templates in which we are placed number 1 and 2 of about 1,450,000 other relevant web pages.

A little background on us, Infinity Arts specializes in a multitude of Web Services including SEO Content Management Services. Take a look at some stats on a few of the keywords Visitors are finding our site with.

The best place for any business to start, your local community, take a look at some of the local keywords we are ranked number 1 on page 1 of Google: PPC Temecula, PPC Services Temecula, PPC Management Temecula, SEO Management Temecula, SEO Services Temecula

Going beyond our backdoor in a major metropolitan area to San Diego, we have top listings for a number of keywords - like our Google position 1 keyword PPC Management Services San Diego

Show casing Infinity Arts positon rank 1 listing on Google - PPC Management Services San Diego

Out to the great blue yonder, we have a vast number of top listings - like Zillow Web API Tool, Custom Zillow Web API, CMS Hosted Templates and Hosted Content Management.

Show casing Infinity Arts positon rank 1 listing on Google - CMS Hosted Templates

What makes the keywords extra Zillow Web API Tool and Custom Zillow Web API special is that the listing preceding ours is for a website with a post about the Infinity Arts Zillow Web API.

Show casing Infinity Arts positon rank on Google with a sub listing from another popular website.

For the keyword phrase Hosted Content Management we monitored and optimized starting in late August, getting to position 38 in mid September and now in position 9 on Google as of today!

Stay tuned for the next article as we delve into the working components of SEO.

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