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Putting Your Content into Context

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Published: Monday, April 27, 2009

If your website appears dated or has been receiving fewer hits in recent months consider whether your web content is addressing the basic questions most frequently asked of your customers, or more importantly, those Internet users you would like to snag as future customers. While your webmaster is busy thinking about color schemes or images or flash technology, content is something you as a business owner should be thinking about daily, recognizing that engaging content that entertains and informs the viewer is a sure way of increasing traffic to your website. Web content is one of the strongest tools in the search engine optimization tool box!

Particularly important if your online catalog or other web components rarely change, adding articles that relate to your industry or product on a regular basis is crucial to receiving higher search engine rankings than your competition. Why is content so important? Because search engine crawlers, those amazing tools used by search engines to comb the web for new and in demand information, review text and text only. More importantly, they review the context of the text and determine if the information is something that people have been searching for or if the keywords are stale, outdated or in weak demand.

Types of Content

At a minimum your site should have a keyword rich home page, that spells out what your company does, sells or who it serves. A few hundred words is usually sufficient to introduce your customers to the mission of your business without overloading them with information or forcing them to scroll down the page for inches and inches to get to the bottom line.

After an engaging home page, consider adding articles that pertain to your industry. If you are a real estate broker, consider what prospective buyers and sellers want or need to know. Maybe it is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your market, or perhaps tips on how to spruce up their new home. Whatever our business, think about the information your customers are searching for on the web and provide that information to them directly from your site.

Blogs are another important category of content. Blogs can be personal messages from the CEO or generic information about your industry or your business. Whether your blog is written directly by the boss or ghost written by your web design and management professional, make sure it is timely, freshly written and includes plenty of keywords that match the search habits of your customers.

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