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Opening Microsoft Office 2007 File Documents in MS Office 2003

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Published: Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Recently Infinity Arts upgraded to the Microsoft Office 2007 suite and what a difference! We have found the new 07 Office System to be a big difference in work efficiency in comparison to Office 2003. The interface is much easier to use and the look is right there with the new Windows Vista.

MS Word - Microsoft Office 2007 System

As great as the new experience with Office 2007 is, as usual there are the woes of upgrading and compatibility. Many of our Clients are still running on MS Office 2003 and those great new 2007 Office documents won't open in Office 03 because they aren't backwards compatible.

Though the Office 2007 System allows you to save files in 2003 format, all that document file converting and storage can get pretty cumbersome. After a bit of research we've been able to find a Microsoft Office patch to allow Office 2003 System compatibility for MS 2007 Word, Excel and PowerPoint document files... Saves a load of our time and now we won't have to be reliant on Clients upgrading to MS Office 2007.

Visit MS Office 2003 Compatibility Pack for 2007 File Formats to download the patch.

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