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Murrieta Competes for a Spot in Google’s High-Speed Program

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Published: Monday, April 26, 2010

Imagine if you could experience universal, ultra high-speed internet access that could amplify current internet speeds by up to a 100 times faster than what the majority of Americans currently have access to. At the moment, that is exactly what Google is trying to accomplish. Google is currently planning on building and testing an ultra-high speed broadband network in a number of trial locations. In order to get started, Google is requesting a response from any communities that are interested in allowing Google to test in their area.

This is where Murrieta stepped in. Murrieta is currently attempting to persuade Google into utilizing the city for Google's Fiber for Communities experimental project. Murrieta is hoping that by getting selected as a test site for Google's intensely high-speed internet, they would be able to attract new forms of technology related businesses. By having this new form of technology here, it would add new enticements and encourage business growth. Murrieta is a young, strong technology savvy community, which helps to make it the ideal community for its trial.

Murrieta, CA is currently one of 1,100+ communities competing for a chance to be one of Google's Test spots. They have enlisted the help of a number of local city offices and a number of local city endorsements to produce a strong campaign. After being one of the very first communities in the nation to have been completely wired with Verizon's FIOs services, it is clear that Google's new Fiber for Communities project would only help to expedite the cities 20 year goal of becoming a technology hub.

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