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Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine Increases US Search Volume by 22%

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Published: Saturday, September 19, 2009

We've all seen Microsoft's new Bing Search engine by now. But what you may not know is that the growth of Bing's Success has resulted in their achievement of the fastest-growing internet search engine in the United States. As the fastest-growing internet search engine, Bing has now become the number one contender against a dominant Google - capturing an amazing 22% gain in internet search volume in just 3 months.

The research firm, Nielsen, indicates that Bing is now the fastest growing search engine in the US. Bing's internet search market share has risen from 9% to 10.7% in August, 2009. While this number may seem dismal to Google's 65% market share, its market share only saw a 2.6% increase in the same period of time.

What Makes Bing So Special

In Microsoft's terms, Bing is what you would call a "decision engine". As people's search habits have begun to evolve alongside the web and Google's list of "ten blue links" are growing out of date, Bing has created a new revolution that allows its users to make more practical choices with their online searches.

Bing has as recently as this week introduced a new feature to its innovative search engine. With Microsoft's own research, they've discovered that consumers could process their search results with images 20 percent faster than those results that are text based only. As a result, Bing has created a feature that allows users to search by utilizing image galleries versus text links. Google, among others, do offer image searches, but Bing breaks new ground by presenting a search engine with a more "graphical way to search and discover information". In other words, Bing is aiming to create and add features that are not typically available on Google.

While Microsoft has yet to implement its new updates, Bing has been staying on top of working out the kinks of creating a more relevant European search market. For example, the majority of British users have a tendency to search for news more than other users. So, if they can accomplish this, Bing would be able to tailor its search engine for different and individual national audiences. A ground breaking innovative feat if accomplished.

It Only Gets Better: Bing and Yahoo Unite?

Sometime next year Bing will be looking forward to hopefully attaining a huge boost from a search technology deal between Microsoft and another search engine giant, Yahoo. At the end of this past July, both of the companies have agreed and signed a ten year deal. This deal allows Bing to generate the results for searches on Yahoo. In essence, Microsoft will basically license Yahoo's search technology which in turn allows Yahoo to integrate certain features of it into Bing. For example, Microsoft's Ad Center will eventually replace Yahoo's equivalent service.

So at the moment it looks as though for Bing the only place left to go is up and only due time will tell. If you have yet to experience Bing, try it out today to find out what all of the craze is about. For more information and detail on the growth of Microsoft's Bing, be sure to check out this article from the Times.

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