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How to Manage Your Outlook Profiles On 64 Bit Windows Vista

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Published: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To configure Outlook profiles, e-mail accounts, and data files, the Mail control panel will be your most useful tool:

The Mail control panel for 32-bit Vista and Windows XP can be found in the following places:

  1. In your Control Panel. Search for "mail" in the search box:

  2. You can also right-click on the Microsoft Office Outlook application in the Start menu, then select Properties:

Many users find themselves wondering where the Mail is in the Control Panel folder of a 64-bit Vista. Just as in step 1 from above, you can search for "Mail" in the Control Panel folder. Step 2 from above will also work, however you may notice that Mail is not visible in the Vista Control Panel home:

So you're left wondering where it went, right? The Mail has simply been moved to the "View 32-bit Control Panel Items" folder. In order to get there, simply click on "Additional Options", then select "View 32-bit Control Panel Items":

You will then notice that it will then reveal the Mail control panel, which is hiding amongst the other 32-bit control panels:

Because Outlook is a 32-bit application and does not have a 64-bit version, Windows has moved all of the 32-bit control panels into one location for the 64-bit version of Vista.

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