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Link Building Drives Relevant Traffic to Your Site

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Published: Friday, August 7, 2009

If your high tech, SEO enhanced, content ready website is still not generating the results you need it could mean your external links are lacking. Link building, the art of strategically placing external links that point back to your site, can help your website rank higher in the key search engine results pages like Google or Yahoo. The more external websites that link to your site the higher the search engines rate your site and list you higher in the results pages.

The most effective link building strategy is to establish one-way links from other, industry relevant sites that point back to your business. You can accomplish this through submitting relevant web content articles, participating in industry discussion and blog postings, and using the social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your business site. Whenever you submit an article or posting, include the link to your main site in your writing. Never post a blog or article comment without including the link to your main home page as your tag line. For example, you can sign off with something like, "for more information on link building, visit InfinityArts.com."

Avoid Reciprocal Links

If possible, stay away from the "I'll post your link if you post mine" strategies with other website owners. The search engine bots recognize these reciprocal links for what they are - non-relevant back scratching - and will not reward your site with higher rankings. On the other hand, random, one-way links placed sporadically around the web are also discovered by the bots and when they report back their various findings, the search engines determine your site is generating significant and broad based traffic, therefore it deserves to be listed higher on the results pages.

Another strategy for building links is to create a few industry relevant sites separate and distinct from your main site, yet containing links to your main site. Created mainly for the purpose of directing traffic to your main site, these sister-sites should also contain relevant content that relates to your industry, but do not have to offer products or services for sale. Having just one additional site the search engine bots can find and evaluate for relevance can improve your search engine rankings and generate better business results.

Infinity Arts is the industry leader in web management and web design, creating search engine optimized sites for a variety of industries. For information on how Infinity Arts can help you enhance your website and achieve business results contact us today.

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