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Keyword Descriptions that Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Published: Friday, May 8, 2009

Keyword descriptions and titles on each of your web pages are critical to higher search engine rankings. If you are asking yourself "what is a keyword description?" this piece is for you! Keyword descriptions are those tag lines that show up in search engine rankings that tell the viewer what they'll find on your web page. By crafting descriptions that answer the questions your customers are asking increase your rankings and generate more traffic.

Keyword descriptions are typically found at the bottom of a web page, in the "about this page" section. For an example, take a look at the description at the bottom of this page. Notice it contains keywords that directly relate to the subject of the page and also includes the company name. By linking the company name to industry specific keywords, we consistently tell the search engines that we are an important resource for people searching these keywords.

For examples that relate to your specific industry check out the descriptions on your top competitor's web page. Are they keyword rich? Do they describe your business goals accurately? If so, they may be generating higher rankings than you and that means lost revenue for your company. Change how you describe your pages and you will leap to the top of the rankings in no time.

Keyword Rich Page Titles Get More Hits

Likewise, titles that contain at least one top keyword for your industry will garner more traffic as well. Look at the title of this page - Keyword Descriptions that Drive Traffic to Your Site. Plug the phrase "keyword descriptions" into your favorite search engine and you generate thousands of hits, the first five pages of which are all about crafting great titles, keywords and metatags (descriptions) that improve your rankings. That is exactly the response you want from your own titles - choosing words that people use when they look for products, services or information that you sell.

If you deal in real estate, include page titles and subtitles that include the words "real estate". If you deal exclusively with foreclosures, make sure the word "foreclosures" appears in the title and is in the first few words of your page description. Don't forget location either. By adding your community or regional location to your titles, you move higher up the rankings because let's face it; people will search for goods and services in their communities first in hopes of narrowing their hits.

For example, "Riverside County foreclosures" is entered more frequently than "foreclosures" when the person is looking to buy specifically in Riverside County. By including "Riverside County" in your keyword descriptions, in your page titles and sprinkled liberally throughout your content you guarantee higher rankings and that guarantees higher returns.

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