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Infinity Arts is Doing Our Part, Are You?

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Published: Thursday, April 22, 2010

The urge to go green over the past year has grown immensely. Everywhere we look there are ads on the television, on billboards, or on the radio about going green. As a business owner you might find yourself wondering about ways you could go green at your business. At Infinity Arts we are doing our part to be green and have made list of a few things you could do to go green too.

Ways to Go Green

  1. Now, more than ever, we are finding a plethora of energy efficient equipment on the market. If it is in the budget, try to buy energy efficient office equipment. If it is not in the budget, make it a point to conserve energy buy turning out all the lights and unplugging any unnecessary equipment before you leave for the day.

  2. Use "green" cleaning products for your company. By using environmental friendly cleaning products, you can help to reduce the amount of pollutants that lead into our streams and rivers.

  3. Do your best to use less paper. If you have numerous invoices, reports, memos or letters try sending them out via email.

  4. Recycle. Keep recycling bins out for paper, cans, bottles, etc... This helps to save some of our natural resources by reducing tons and tons of waste entering landfills.

  5. Think about letting your employees work from home a few days out of the month. Often times employees are just as, if not, more productive working from home. Not only does it save energy in the office, but it helps to reduce gasoline consumption, preserve air quality, and potentially spendy road maintenance.

  6. A lot of computer companies, like Dell and HP have started "asset recycling" programs. This program allows you to take back old computers and peripherals when you purchase new ones. You can also check out Staples and Office Depot for other e-waste recycling programs.

  7. Try to produce or provide products and services that are earth friendly.

  8. Purchase biodegradable office supplies.

  9. If your company utilizes company-owned vehicles, see if you can look into trading them in for hybrids. Just by purchasing these vehicles you could be saving money on gas and potentially qualify for a tax break.

Like anything else in business, research should come first. Take the time to educate yourself on green methods and how they could possibly fit in with your business structure. Going green by making environmentally responsible business decisions has the potential to actually save you money in the long run. Ultimately, going green is all about creating a more efficient use of resources and cutting waste.

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