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Improve Your Customer Marketing Part 3

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Published: Friday, September 16, 2011

A few blog posts ago, we began writing about ways in which a business owner can not only up their game but how they can also gain more valuable custom references for their business. If you remember, references and testimonials are the key to increasing online marking and increasing business.

Let's first review the tips we discussed in our prior blog posts:

  1. Ask More Specific Questions. Asking more leading questions will help to generate answers that are more detailed which will be easier for you to pull quotes from. Detail oriented answers will provide quotes that highlight what makes you stand out from competitors and/or the benefits of choosing you.

  2. Video Testimonials. Video testimonials are far more influential than typical written testimonials and quotes. Get your customers to answer simple questions about your business on video by offering them some sort of incentive. You can even encourage customers to take some time to create and post their own video testimonials by also providing some sort of reward or incentive. Feel free to use the videos on your website, Facebook, or any other site you believe to be beneficial to you.

  3. Understanding Your Customers. Learn how to maintain your standards or improve your business by getting to know more about what your customers like or don't like about your business. By formulating a list of valuable questions and turning them into a survey, you have a great opportunity to really get to know your customers. Promote your survey at your business or online and get your customers to take the survey by offering an incentive. Use the data to pull out key insights to use on your website, for other marketing materials, and to help you improve your business!

Our Newest Tip for Online Marketing:

  1. Empowering Your Customers. Social media is one of your most powerful tools as a business owner. With the help of sites like Facebook, business owners have the ability to empower customers to promote your business like never before. For example, if you were to add the Facebook "Like" button to your business website and someone clicks that "Like" button, your business page/product will be posted to their newsfeed where all of their friends can see.

    In addition, you can use sites like Facebook or Yelp to offer "Check In" incentives. So every time a customer "Checks In" to your business location, a small incentive like a discount could be offered. Each time a customer "Checks In", it also show up on their news feed for all of their friends to see.

    Use social media to promote your rewards and perhaps consider a way to promote it at your physical location.

For more information on how you can improve your online marketing to customers, either stay tuned for our next blog posting or get in touch with us today at 1-951-541-9304 to speak with a marketing consultant about SEO management and PPC management for customer marketing.

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