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Improve Your Customer Marketing Part 2

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Published: Thursday, July 21, 2011

In our last blog we wrote about things that you can do, as a business owner, to not only up your game but to also help you gain more valuable custom references for your business. If you remember, references and testimonials are the key to increasing online marketing and increasing business.

Let's first review a couple of the tips we discussed in our last blog:

  1. Ask More Specific Questions. Ask leading questions that will generate more specific answers for you to pull quotes from. More detail oriented help to provide you with quotes that will highlight what makes you stand out from other competitors and or what the benefits are of choosing you.

  2. Video Testimonials. Video testimonials are even more powerful than standard written testimonials and quotes. Offer an incentive to get your customer to answer a simple question about your business on video or reward customers that take the time to create and post their own video testimonials. Use the videos on your website, Facebook, or any other site you think would be beneficial to you.

Our Newest Tip for Online Marketing:

  1. Understand Your Customers. Have you ever wondered how many of your customers are repeat visitors or what their top reasons for choosing you are? This type of information can really help you to see how customers view your company, how you can improve or what you can keep doing that customers love. What's great, is the fact that it isn't as hard as you may think to gather this type of data from your customers.

    The first step is for you to think about what type of statistical information you consider to be the most valuable. From there you'll need to come up with specific questions that will help to generate the stats based on the answers provided. Example questions: "How often do you shop here?", "How did you find out about us?", "How is our service?", "How is our product selection?", etc... After you've created a list of questions to ask, create a survey.

    Then next step is getting your customers to actually take the survey. A great way to get customers to take your survey is by offering some sort of an incentive like a small discount. Be sure to include a link to your survey on your website and include information about your incentive. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, make sure to promote it there as well. For in-store customers, consider uploading the survey to an iPad so you can have customers complete the survey at the point of sale for an instant discount.

    The final step is to gather and analyze all of the data together. Consider compiling the data every week, bi-weekly or monthly. Use the data to pull out key insights to use on your website, for other marketing materials, and to help you improve your business!

For more information on how you can improve your online marketing to customers, either stay tuned for our next blog posting or get in touch with us today at 1-951-541-9304 to speak with a marketing consultant about SEO management and PPC management for customer marketing.

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