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IDX 101: Tools for Real Estate Websites

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Published: Friday, February 13, 2009

Ask a real estate agent how important the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is to their business and it is sure to be their most important tool in the seller's toolbox. The MLS allows brokers to share their listings with other brokers in the area, increasing the chances that a qualified buyer can be found. MLS listings are accessed directly by the real estate agents who can then suggest properties to their buyers.

But the rules have changed in shopping for a home as more and more buyers are doing their own research online, searching for properties in their desired area. How efficiently agents design their websites is key in drawing more buyers to their office and having access to more properties that can be found online makes your office stand out from the crowd.

IDX Brings the MLS to Your Website

Taking the concept of the MLS to the Internet, the National Association of Realtors© developed rules and guidelines for sharing properties online, for anyone to search for and find. Termed the Internet Data Exchange, or IDX, real estate companies can list properties from other agents, even other brokers by using an IDX application on their websites, giving their buyers access to countless properties found in the MLS they might not otherwise have seen, right from the comfort of their own homes.

Use IDX as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Agents' websites that use IDX capture more listings therefore they attract more buyers. Buyers searching for particular homes, such as Murrieta foreclosures or Temecula bank owned homes can search online using key search terms, and if the websites are designed with IDX in mind, their sites appear higher on search results pages, guaranteeing more viewers will land on their home pages. While IDX is a relatively simple concept for web designers, it is important to understand its role in the overall development of your web page. Using an IDX application correctly is as important as using it at all. Professional web development and web management companies, like Infinity Arts are your best bet in achieving the sales results you want using IDX. Our team of search engine optimizers and web designers can help you take your real estate business to new levels, making the most of your website and earning you more money. Contact Infinity Arts today.

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