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How to Turn On Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 8

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Published: Tuesday, June 2, 2009

As Microsoft gears up for their full release of Internet Explorer 8 more users will begin to see their version of Internet Explorer automatically upgrade to the new standard. This automatic upgrade will depend on your Windows Updates settings... IE8 introduces many new features which may cause websites to be incompatible with the new IE web browser.

How to make Internet Explorer 7 sites compatible with Internet Explorer 8

The good news is that Microsoft created a nifty feature that allows you to view websites in "Compatibility View"; essentially allowing you to view websites in Internet Explorer 7 mode. This quick tutorial will guide you through turning on the Compatibility View in IE8:

  1. Click the Compatibility View button to display the website as viewed in Internet Explorer 7. The Compatibility View button is located to the right of the Address Bar, next to the Refresh button.

    Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View button

    Once this button is clicked all sites will be viewed as they would be viewed in IE7; click the Compatibility View button again to deactivate IE7 Compatibility mode.

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