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How to Setup Microsoft Exchange Email (OWA) with BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)

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Published: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1. Go to your wireless service provider's BlackBerry Internet Service webpage and log in. We've provided a list of provider's BlackBerry service sites:

2. Select the Set Up Account button

3. Complete all of the fields: Email Address, Password and Confirm Password. Then select Next.

4. Choose the I will provide the settings to add this email account option, and then select Next.

5. Choose the This is my work email account option, then select Next.

6. Under the Outlook® / Exchange® section, choose the I can access my email account using a Web Browser(Outlook® Web Access), then select Next.

7. Complete all required fields.

Note: The MailBox Name field refers to your desired Mailbox Name. In order to determine the Mailbox Name, log into the Microsoft Outlook account. Mouse of over the Inbox folder in the top left corner. The Mailbox Name should be named in the task pane.

  • Example for Outlook 2003: https//<domain.name.com>/exchange/<mailboxname>/
  • Example for Outlook 2007: http://<domain.name.com>/owa/<mailboxname>/

8. Select Next. The following message will appear if the account has been properly configured. Click on OK. The Microsoft Outlook Web Access account should appear in the list of integrated email addresses.

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