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How to Utilize Yelp as a Business Owner

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Published: Friday, January 11, 2013

For those who may not know, Yelp is a really great online website that allows users to write detailed reviews of their experiences at businesses all over the world. Anyone can post reviews on Yelp and anyone can read these reviews in addition to accessing photos of the business and basic business information. If you do not have a profile for your business on Yelp, it's time to take advantage of having a great platform like Yelp at your fingertips.

Setting Up & Managing Your Business Profile

  1. Provide all of your correct business info. This info should include hours of operation, the business address, pictures, etc. It is also important that you take advantage of this opportunity by providing as much information as Yelp will allow you to. The more information provided the longer you'll keep the attention of your profile viewer.

  2. Take advantage of the ability to provide photos of your business. Providing up to date images of your business, products, or services in action will give your potential new client a real and genuine idea of what to expect when they visit your business. Remember, other Yelp users will be able to provide additional photos of their experiences at your business, so be sure to not provide images that may be misleading.

  3. Make a strong effort to respond to all of the reviews you receive, whether they be positive OR negative. Bad reviews have the potential to hurt your business's image, therefore it is very important that utilize any bad reviews you receive as constructive feedback for ways to improve your business. While you cannot remove a negative review, your best course of action is to address the review in question by providing a public reply in which you address the issue, apologize for any problems or misunderstandings, and offer the customer a second chance to try out your business. It absolutely vital to remember that while negative reviews can be upsetting to you as a business owner, your reviewers are paying customers with feelings too so be sure to approach your responses with care.

    By responding to negative reviews publicly, other Yelp users will be able to view firsthand how you handle the issue at hand. If handled properly, other users/customers will see that you as a business owner truly care about what your customers think and that you strive to maintain happy customers.

  4. Consider adding a Yelp user special or discount. Yelp users will have far more reason to visit your business if an incentive like a coupon or discount were available. No matter what type of incentive you choose to offer, be sure to have a way for users to redeem the coupon, which is most easily accomplished by directing users to a landing page where they can print your coupon or special offer, or view a promo code for Yelp user discount.

Now that you have you have an accurate business profile on Yelp, be sure to actively update your business page and respond to your reviews. For more great tips and internet marketing information stay tuned for our next blog or get in touch with one of our expert online search marketing consultants at 1-951-541-9304 or toll free at 1-866-734-9946. One of our consultants can answer all of your questions about PPC management, SEO management and online marketing.

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