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How To Use Twitter to Enhance Your Business

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Published: Friday, October 9, 2009

Twitter is easy. Getting your customers to follow you is the tricky part. Here's why you should Tweet and how to use Twitter in business. (Yes, you've just read 140 characters!)

Smart businesses are always looking for ways to enhance their marketing efforts with little increase in cost. That is why websites have been such a tremendous asset to all types of business, from service industries that rely on continuous customer mining to traditional sales company that use their websites as storefronts to market their products. With a modest investment when compared to full-fledged marketing promotions, fully enhanced and search engine optimized websites can generate more return on investment than almost any other marketing strategy.

Enter Twitter! But now businesses have an additional outlet for promoting their businesses, and when used creatively in conjunction with their SEO enhanced website, social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook can reach customers you may never have dreamed of reaching in the past. Imagine, sending out up to the minute sales pitches, new product announcements, new store openings, etc, to thousands, if not tens of thousands of customers at the same time, without spending a penny! Here's how:

Twitter Basics for Business

The basic rules of Twitter are the same for business as they are for every day Tweeters. Each message, or Tweet, is limited to just 140 characters or less. Short and sweet and to the point, that's Twitter's business model. Simply type your message, click Update, and instantly your message (or product announcement) gets delivered to each of your followers. For the record, your "followers" are other Tweeters that hear you when you Tweet. Find the right Tweeters and your business will skyrocket.

You can also re-Tweet someone else's message. For example, if you are following someone else's Tweets and decide it would be good for your customers to hear about, say, your competition, you can re-Tweet their message announcing store closures or a product discontinuation. If one of your customers wants more info about a Tweet, they can reply directly to your message and an open dialogue become visible for all your customers, even those that wanted to ask the question but never got around to it. Are you beginning to see how valuable Twitter can be in disseminating important business info?

Want to post a job announcement but hate those commercial job boards? Announce your job openings on your Twitter page, with links back to your website or HR office. Even if your customers aren't looking for a job they might know someone who is, and who better to refer people than those who use your products and services every day!

Here are just a few examples of how other businesses are using Twitter to find and keep more customers, and drive customers to their websites:

Dell Computers - Dell offers exclusive deals and coupons to its Twitter followers. Launched last holiday season they generated over $1 million in revenue directly from the Twitter campaign and went from 11,000 followers to over 200,000 in five months.

Zappos.com - CEO Tony Hsieh is using Twitter a little differently - posting his personal updates to his business following. The master of building customer relationships, Hsieh's daily musings are keeping his customers up close and personal. And it's working!

Kogi BBQ - this Los Angeles mobile eatery is using Twitter the way everyone should. The company posts clues to their lunchtime location only on their Twitter feed, and customers have to "follow" the business if they want to know where to find the delicious Korean fusion BBQ truck. The strategy has created a cult-like following of crazed diners that actively seek them out for lunch every day.

Infinity Arts Can Help you Tweet

Infinity Arts can help you maximize your online business environment by integrating Twitter into your website, and using SEO to drive more traffic to both your website and your Twitter page. Our team of web management experts can help you find and attract "followers", and use Twitter to build and retain your customer base. For information on how Infinity Arts can help you enhance your website and achieve business results contact us today.

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