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How to use Integrated Marketing with Pinterest

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Published: Friday, September 21, 2012

In our last blog we discussed how a business could utilize Pinterest as a form of indirect marketing. Let's take a quick moment to recap:

  1. Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool that is based strictly around images and videos.

  2. You can utilize Pinterest to create customized product boards that reflect your product and it's uses.

  3. Create audience specific boards that can cater to different divisions of your target audiences so that your boards become more versatile and personalized for these specific subdivisions.

  4. Use Pinterest for contests. Everyone loves contests and contests create the perfect kind of buzz businesses need.

  5. Utilize Pinterest as a way to gather market research. The more you know about your target clientele's interests and needs, can help you to better your product or program.

While Pinterest is great for sharing and conferring about images and videos, it's important to know how that can be taken to the next level through cross-promotion on the social web. It's vital that business owners are capable of finding ways to get people interested in sharing your images and videos through their own Pinterest pin boards, since the number one goal will be all about giving content the most exposure possible. So to help, today we'll be talking about how you can use Pinterest for integrated marketing.

Integrated Marketing

  1. Cross-promoting: To help broaden and expand the level of exposure you have, any content that is published should be cross-promoted on either a blog, a Facebook page, Twitter and any other types of social media profiles found on Pinterest pin boards. You should also cross-promote any marketing initiatives on Pinterest, but make sure to read up on the terms of use of all of the social media outlets you'll be utilizing to ensure that you are not in violation of any rules.

    For example, when you create an online contest, it should be created on your business blog or Facebook Page and not on Pinterest itself. However, as part of your contest you could ask people to pin images to Pinterest.

  2. Utilize a "Pin It" Button: Consider adding a "Follow Me on Pinterest" button to your website or blog. By adding a "Pin It" button, people can easily pin your images or video content with the ease of a single mouse click. These buttons can easily be installed within a matter of seconds and will instantly make your content vastly easier to share.

We hope these tips have given you a little more insight on how a business could benefit from utilizing Pinterest as a marketing tool. In our next blog we'll be discussing how Pinterest can be used for direct marketing purposes. For more great information on ways to improve your online marketing, either stay tuned for our next blog or simply give us a call at 1-951-541-9304 where you can speak directly with a marketing consultant about our SEO management and PPC management services.

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