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How To Hire an SEO Professional

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Published: Friday, April 10, 2009

Hiring a search engine optimization or SEO professional is a lot like hiring your dentist or your mechanic. You want to make sure they understand your business, you want to know their qualifications have prepared them for the job, and you want to see what types of results they have garnered for their other clients. While you don't need to be an SEO expert yourself (after all, that's why you're looking for a consultant), you should have a basic knowledge of the basic SEO techniques to know if the firm you are considering is at the top of their game.

When interviewing an SEO professional, you will want to know:

  • What previous work have they done and will they share some of their successes. If a consultant is unwilling to share some of their clients' sites with you, it could be a red flag that they are new to the business or haven't done particularly well in generating business results.
  • Does the company provide online marketing tools that enhance their search engine strategies? Are they familiar with ecommerce and data capture techniques to track visitors? If your website is a static site not relying on lead generation, it might be fine to have a company with little ecommerce experience. However if you are looking to enhance your business through promotion of your website, you need an experienced web designer that understands online marketing.
  • Will the consultant set performance goals and when might you expect results. Companies that place responsibility for results back in your corner do not have a full understanding of SEO and why you hired them in the first place.How will you communicate with the consultant? In other words, will they be responsive to your emails, or is the telephone or in-person meetings the preferred way to reach them. Knowing up front how accessible the consultant it can help you find a web professional whose business style matches your own.
  • What experience does the consultant have in your industry? While a good SEO professional can transfer the best search engine techniques to any industry, there are some nuances that each field require. For example, if a company has done work exclusively for retail ecommerce sites and you are a real estate company looking to capitalize on lead generation, you may want to consider looking at different consultants. On the other hand, if an SEO designer can explain clearly how their solutions meet your needs, experience in your particular industry may be less important than your overall feeling of trust about the company's skills.

Finding a web management firm that will produce results driven solutions to your company's business needs doesn't have to be difficult. By spending time getting to know the company and their business history before you sign the contract you can minimize your problems and maximize your business website results. Infinity Arts is the leading web management solution for all your search engine optimization and web design needs. For information on how Infinity Arts can help you enhance your website and achieve business results contact us today.

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