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How to Setup & Manage Advanced DNS for your Yahoo Small Business Domain Name Account

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Published: Thursday, April 3, 2008

This quick how to guide will help you learn how to manage your domain name DNS (Domain Name Service) records for domains registered with Yahoo! Small Business.

  1. Login to your Yahoo! Small Business account
  2. Locate your domain name and click Domain Control Panel
    Yahoo! Domain Control Panel
  3. In your Yahoo! Domain Control Panel, then click Manage Advanced DNS Settings
    Yahoo! Manage Advanced DNS Settings
  4. Now that you've made it into the Advanced DNS Settings, you can now manage your Domain Name's A, CNAME and MX records
  5. To point your Domain Name to an Infinity Arts web server, simply click Edit for both A Records
    Yahoo! Edit A Records
  6. On the Edit You're A or CNAME Record page, enter the specified Infinity Arts web server IP Address as the Destination and click Submit
    Yahoo! Edit You're A or CNAME Record

Once all of you're A Records have been updated your Domain Name's DNS update is complete. It may take up to 72 hours for the DNS to propagate (changes to take affect) across the internet.

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