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Google Announces Development of Caffeine, Next Generation Infrastructure

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Published: Thursday, August 20, 2009

A large team of Google engineers have been working to revamp the core aspects of its search engine architecture. Though this new engine will not have a different look to the general user, the new Google Caffeine development boasts new limits on size, speed of web document indexing, accuracy of content crawled, comprehensiveness among other aspects of their web search. We're excited for this new system and hope to see positive changes in Google's algorithm for indexing and placing content for websites with strong site architecture & solid content - point incase the way we design and develop our websites and web application solutions.

Beta testing has also been announced for webmasters, our tests show that the Caffeine web search is much faster in results display and there is a bit of difference with ranking as well - off the top there are quite a few instances of our sites ranking higher. When we compared the higher ranking sites from the current Google web search those sites that lost ranking in Caffeine seemed to be less structurally sound and not as relevant to the keywords used in the search. A promising sign for online search marketing! If you're interested in running your own tests on the Google Caffeine search visit: http://www2.sandbox.google.com/

Check out this interview of Matt Cutts, a Google Engineer, who gives insight to what we can expect from Google Caffeine.

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