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What's the Difference Between 1-Per-Click Conversions & Many-Per-Click Conversions?

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Published: Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Conversions occur online advertising when a click on your ad leads directly to a specific user behavior you consider to be highly important like: a purchase, signup, a page view or a lead. Google helps by providing two sets of metrics (1-per-click and many-per-click) in your reports. This thus enables you to better understand how many conversions exactly has resulted from the amount of clicks on your ads.

Definition of a 1-Per-Click Conversion

Here, a conversion (1-per-click) is counted for every AdWords ad click resulting in a conversion within 30 days. Meaning: that should more than one conversion happens following a single ad click, conversions after that first one will not count.

Another way of looking at it is that with conversions (1-per-click) will count at most only one conversion per click. Fore approximating unique customer acquisitions (e.g. leads), these metrics become useful for measuring those conversions.

For other metrics related to Conversions (1-per-click):

  • Conversion Rate (1-per-click): Conversions (1-per-click) are divided by number of total clicks.
  • Cost/Conv. (1-per-click): Total cost divided by the Conversions (1-per-click)

Definition of a Many-Per-Click Conversion

On the other hand, Conversions (many-per-click) will count a conversion every time one should be made within 30 days following the initial AdWords Click. Conversions (many-per-click) in essence will count multiple conversions per click.

These metrics are ideal when used to measure conversions that are valuable every time they happen (e.g. ecommerce transactions).

For other metrics related to Conversions (many-per-click):

  • Conversion Rate (many-per-click): Here Conversions (many-per-click) will be divided by the total amount of clicks. Also consider that your conversion rate may be over 100% should you receive more than one conversion per click.
  • Cost/Conv. (many-per-click): Total cost divided by Conversions (many-per-click).

An Example of 1-Per-Click Conversions vs. Many-Per-Click Convresions:

Let's say that you have a conversion tag on a newsletter sign-up page, with another on a shopping cart "Thank You" page. If a user clicks on one of your ads, signs up for your newsletter and then decides to purchase a product and hits the "Thank You" page, you in turn will receive:

  • Conversions (1-per-click): 1
  • Conversions (many-per-click): 2

In summary, both sets of conversion metrics are potentially useful ways to measure and understand your ROI...

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