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Get the Most Out of Your 140 Twitter Characters

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Published: Friday, February 15, 2013

Twitter is one of the most resourceful and popular tools available for business owners to connect with their audience. It allows business owners to share engaging information, content and even an opportunity to provide another level of personal customer service. To really take advantage of such an amazing free tool, it's important that you strive to make each tweet the best it possibly can be. These six simple steps are sure to help you compose the best tweet you possibly can.

  1. Include a link. Providing content that's related to your area of expertise is one of the main purposes of Twitter. However, it isn't always easy to fit everything you want to say into a single tweet. Due to the 140 character limit, utilize your tweet as a way to introduce a link that will lead your audience to a page with more detailed information on the subject at hand. When you do include a link, strive to place the link in the middle of your tweet, as research shows that these types of links tend to have the highest click-through and re-tweet rates.

  2. Leave a little wiggle room. While tweets are only limited to 140 characters, it's important that you sometimes strive to create tweets that are under 120 or even 100 characters. This extra space allows your followers to re-tweet your message in addition to their own comment. This ultimately encourages audience engagement and ongoing conversation.

  3. Be short and to the point. If you have a long message that you're trying to condense, it will likely end up looking like muddled jargon due to excessive abbreviations. Instead, try to condense your point into a legible tweet.

  4. Start a conversation. One thing that users will often forget is that Twitter is a place where real-time engagement and conversation can take place. When including a link that leads to additional content, it's not necessary to include the title of that content in your Tweet. Instead lead with an opinion or a question that pertains to the content in the link you provide.

  5. Show some hashtag love. When tweeting, the use of a relevant hashtag in your tweet will allow your information to be broadcasted not only to more people, but also to the right audience. Hashtags allow your tweets to show up in searches related to the content you're providing, which ultimately broadens your reach beyond those that are already following you and opens the door to you being discovered.

  6. Give credit where it's due. Most often, accrediting sources isn't a common practice on Twitter. However there is one key benefit: giving credit to the original author or person who inspired your idea, the person in question will be notified. Granted this doesn't mean that you'll get a re-tweet or a response from the person in question, but you can be sure that they at least are aware of your presence and that you find value in their content.

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