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Geographic Adjectives, Generic Keywords Help Your Customers Find You, Not Your Competition

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Published: Friday, June 5, 2009

Do new customers regularly find your website using common search words or are they more likely to land on one of your competitors' sites? If you are losing traffic to a competitor it could mean that you are too generic in your choice of keywords. For example, if you sell widgets out of your brick and mortar store in downtown Los Angeles and your website simply refers to widgets, then you are more than likely losing customers without ever knowing it.

Customers searching for a store that sells widgets in Los Angeles aren't going to search under just widgets. They are going to search using the phrase Los Angeles widgets, or LA widgets, or even Southern California widgets. To capture all these potential customers, make sure your home page has each of these variations of widgets regularly used and search engine optimized.

Narrow the Search Before Your Customer Does

Adding geographic adjectives to your generic keywords optimizes your page in such a way that search engines can easily narrow in and list your site higher in the search engine rankings than a less specific one. This is particularly helpful for companies that have physical locations or who sell a geographically based product. If you offer bicycle tours through the Southern California wine country, make sure your web page contains content that clearly mentions Southern California wine country, Temecula wine country and wine country bike tours.

By choosing several geographic adjectives you can spice up the content without sounding redundant. Using each word just twice in a typical 300-500 page home page will increase your rankings significantly and direct more traffic to your site.

Site Owners with Multiple Locations Save Time and Money

Using geographic keywords also allows you to save time and money on duplicate websites that are geographically specific. For example if you operate a real estate firm with multiple offices you can replicate your web pages quickly and easily by adding geographic adjectives to the content pages. Your web management professional can include content that discusses foreclosures, commercial properties, estate homes, etc., and then add specific cities or locations to the pages so that whether a person is searching for Dallas foreclosures or Houston foreclosures, they find the appropriate site representing your company.

Each page looks the same, yet ranks independently and captures a specific audience every time.

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