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Email Signature Mistakes to Avoid

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Published: Friday, January 31, 2014

When it comes to emails, there is one element that is often times overlooked - the email signature that you use at the bottom of your emails. Email signatures are your final opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your readers. Your email signature line is important and should be thought of as an additional opportunity to standout and shine. Get the most out of your email signature by avoiding one of these five common mistakes:

  1. Listing out every possible way that you can be reached. Including a way to reach you is one of the most vital items to include in your email signature. However, listing out multiple phone numbers, email addresses, websites or social media networks can be viewed as being overwhelming, confusing and even desperate to your readers. Instead, use your signature to let your readers know what the quickest way you can be reached is. Don't include an address in your signature unless you have an actual physical retail store or office where you can be visited at. As far as your social media networks, only include one or two icons from the networks that you use most frequently.

  2. Using an image for your signature. There are email providers or devices that feature a default setting that can cause images in emails to be blocked. If your signature is designed using an image that includes all of your contact information, there is a chance that some of your recipients won't see it. If you feel compelled to use an image, be sure to use alt text behind your image. This will allow your information to still be seen if the image is blocked for whatever reasons.

  3. Forgetting about small screens. It's safe to say that a huge portion of emails are being read on readers mobile devices. Since our thumbs are the new mouse when it comes to mobile devices, it's important that you design your signatures to be easily accessible. If a portion of your readers avidly checks their emails via phone, be sure your links can be easily viewed and clicked on.

  4. Adding in non-sense information. It obviously makes sense that if you have a blog or online business that you want to boost your sites performance. Including a link to your site in your signature is a great idea; however, be sure that your site content is actually relevant to the person(s) that will be receiving your email.

  5. While traditional signoffs like: "Sincerely," "Take Care," etc... are reasonable ways to close your emails, they won't get you noticed. Instead, consider incorporating a bit of your own personality in your signoffs. Letting your personality shine through, adds a special touch and allows your readers to see you in a more personable light.

These simple tips are sure to help you create a better optimized email signature that will impress and stand out. For more great information on ways online marketing can be used to improve your business, stay tuned for our next blog or contact us directly at 1-951-541-9304 or TOLL FREE at 1-866-734-9946 to speak with knowledgeable consultant regarding our SEO management or PPC management services.

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