About Us

How Infinity Arts Can Work With You

We strive to achieve continued growth & success with your Online Business

Infinity Arts is comprised of a team of interactive industry skilled professionals; dedicated to helping our clients meet their online business needs and web marketing goals. Our mission is not only to provide effective online marketing and business tools, but also to guide and support our clients in understanding and achieving the great opportunities that exist in today's internet market. We strive to work closely with our clients utilizing our proven experiences to maintain a successful alliance and help grow your businesses web presence.

the Infinity Arts Interactive Media Solution Process & Experience

Infinity Arts, is dedicated to bringing success and respect to your reputation. We open doors for our clients. Doors to new targeted traffic and greater conversions with results driven web 2.0 marketing solutions that encompass robust dynamic web application development and search marketing services & solutions.

Discovery: Learning Your Online Business Objectives

Our process begins with an in depth discovery meeting to understand and assess your business' needs and marketing objectives and budget requirements/expectations. The discovery helps us better gauge and build an alliance of ideas and concepts to get you the most value from your objectives.

Strategic Planning: Interactive Media & Marketing Solution Planning

Next we break down the perspective project with strategic planning and present you with an optimal solution of services/products. Strategic planning is based on the specific needs of your business derived from detailed discussion, detailed research, and general brainstorming with you and your staff. Armed with this information, we can provide a detailed step by step solution, duration, and financial assessment of your project. The financial assessment is broken down into each element of our solution, providing a clear projection of the project's cost budgeting. All these elements are rendered into what we call a Project Agreement.

Project Agreement: Interactive Design & Development Project Breakdown

The Project Agreement is generated and submitted to our clients before the project begins. Project Agreements clearly outline services being rendered, provide a detailed blueprint and plan of action, as well as a breakdown of cost budgeting. The Project Agreement is then submitted to you to review and is subject to editing in accordance with your needs and requests.

Delivery: Design, Development & Launch

Our creative and energetic staff put their sharp skills to work in the structuring and development of your project. The development process begins and ends with the application development, technical artistry, and the administering of the database. All elements in each of our developments are uniquely built to custom fit our clients needs. In the development of the project, our staff works closely with you to keep you informed of the progress maintaining the direction of the development.

Content Management and Success: Growing Search Marketing SEO Content and Gauging Performance & Success

When Content Management and SEO Search Engine Marketing Services are elected, Infinity Arts delivers evolving targeted Keyword & SEO driven content with extensive routine projections, analysis and reports of how online marketing efforts are performing and how conversion/ROI can continue to grow with your continued investment into your online business. The key to the success of any online business is to routinely gauge, analyze, strategize and improve online marketing efforts to drive target audience traffic and conversions to your web application. Infinity Arts provides the gateway, tools and information to allow your team to make informed and strategic decisions impacting the growth and success of your internet marketing presence.