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Introducing SiteManager CMS Web Hosting Solution

SiteManager CMS

How does it work?

SiteManager is setup as the backbone of your website making it easy for you to dynamically update your website on the fly.
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What's Included?

Easy to use management tools, in-depth reporting plus many other great features that put you in control of your website!
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Infinity Arts Turn-Key Hosted Web CMS - Web Content Management System

SiteManager is a custom SEO Driven Web Content Management system that enables you to create and edit web content/text, pictures and sub pages on your website. Infinity Arts has developed SiteManager as a complete turn-key Hosted CMS solution for users of all skill levels. So whether you're an experienced web designer or a non-technical business owner SiteManager gives you the ability to be your own webmaster and manage your website the way you need.

SiteManager is setup and ready for you to make updates to your website immediately. No technical installs, no database setup or programming is necessary. Simply login and get started. We also provide integration with Google's Analytics and our very own custom analytic tools for your website including: search engine traffic, keyword search traffic, page & content hits and dynamic campaign traffic w/ conversion & lead tracking.