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Published: Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It seems that blogs are popping up everywhere these days, with businesses using blogs as another tool in their internet branding strategy. Or are there? How you use your blog is as important to promoting your business as having a web site. The key to effective blogging is to promote a product, service or business strategy, without sounding like a commercial. You can't just talk about how great your new product is. Tell customers how that product will make their lives easier. Don't spout off about your credentials. Explain why using a certified company is best when looking for quality and durability. Blog wisely and you will see how customers appreciate hearing the latest news about your company and your services through increased sales, links to other blogs and word of mouth advertising that can't be found with a price tag. Get it wrong and your blog will be just example of companies going blah, blah, blah.

Blogs are Free Advertising

Most advertising is sold by the inch. A hold over from the days of print media, buying inches of advertising can quickly take its toll on your advertising budget. Blogs provide opportunities to advertise products and services without paying for advertising space. Assuming you have a web site, your advertising space already belongs to you. Creating blog entries that promote your products, highlight innovations in your industry, offer insight into a particular subject or help consumers make a decision about which products to use will drive more internet users to your site and advertise your company in new ways.

Keys to Effective Blogging

Keywords - When surfing the net for information on your company's goods and services what keywords would people use? For example, do you sell real estate? If so, do you specialize, such as in foreclosures or bank owned homes? If so, make sure your blog uses these keywords every time. Having content that is keyword rich increases your search engine rankings and will drive more users to you site. Also be sure to include your location in your blog articles, such as San Diego foreclosures or Murrieta bank homes. Location, location, location is critical to effective blogging.

Currency - Keeping content fresh and current is also important. While you can have content on your site that is timeless and rarely changes, your blog is not the place to keep it. Your internet presence is dependent on your company remaining up to date on latest trends, products and technologies. Blog entries that are old imply that you aren't paying attention or worse yet, are no longer in business. Strive to update your blog every two weeks at minimum, more often if possible. Likewise, always date your blog entry, such as "published on January 1, 2009", giving your blog a newsy, press release feel.

Content - Use your blog to announce new product releases or new innovations in your industry. Use it to highlight changes in your company, such as internal promotions or reorganization. Finally, use it to comment on the impact of external circumstances on your industry, such as new regulations or the economy.

Focusing your blog entries will improve your company's branding and reach customers you might have missed otherwise. By keeping content fresh and interesting, you show customers you are professional and on top of your game. For help in crafting unique and engaging blog entries, contact Infinity Arts today.

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