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Being Seen & Heard on Facebook Part 2

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Published: Friday, November 2, 2012

In our last blog, we discussed a few ways that you can stay on top of the latest trends using Facebook. Let's take a quick recap of the first few tips we shared:

  1. Decide what type of content is right for you. That content can be photos, videos, links, questions, etc... Whatever you choose, be sure to use engaging content. If you aren't engaged by it, those who read it or view it will likely feel the same.

  2. Tagging your content. Tag any person, place or thing that has a Facebook page when using or mentioning it on Facebook. This will essentially help to broaden your exposure.

  3. Take advantage of the ability to schedule your posts. Your posts may be less visible to certain users, so maximize your exposure by scheduling them for a time when they are likely to have more engagement. Read more on how to schedule your posts in our blog entry titled "Facebook's Latest Features: Post Scheduling & Administrator Assigning".

This week, we'll be sharing a few more tips on ways Facebook users can stay on top of current Facebook trends.

  1. Work in partnership with your team. Two heads are always better than one, so discuss with your team/partner what you feel would be the most engaging content possible. Typically, a good idea will snowball into a great idea with the support of a great team or partner.

  2. Inspire your team to share/promote your content or link. When multiple users begin to share a link, it creates a related news feed, which ultimately increases your chances of being seen.

  3. Promote your posts. This is one of the latest big ticket tools being utilized on Facebook. Utilize the post promoter, will essentially allow you to promote your status update to ensure that more of your followers will see your post. Thus opening the possibility to an increase in likes, shares, and comments. This great feature offers a variety of tools to help users easily customize their audience targeting. To learn how to easily promote your posts, please read our blog entry titled "Promoting Your Facebook Page Posts" for a breakdown.

  4. Remember why your followers are there. Followers are obviously a fan of your product or a fan of the information you provide and they follow you because they simply want to support you. Another reason you gain followers, is because they want the opportunity to get deals and discounts. A lack of followers could simply mean that you are providing useful or engaging content to attract these followers.

These simple and user friendly tips are sure to help you stay on top of Facebook. If you would like more information on how you can market your business online, please stay tuned for our next blog or get in touch with our expert online search marketing consultants at 1-951-541-9304 or toll free at 1-866-734-9946. One of our consultants can answer all of your questions regarding PPC Management, SEO Management and online marketing.

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