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9 Ways to Help You Gain More Facebook Likes

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Published: Friday, April 27, 2012

How to get more Facebook Likes is a question that many owners of Facebook fan pages find themselves asking. To put it simply, it all comes down to dedicating just a few minutes of your time each day. Just a few minutes a day can really help to get you from 20 Likes to hundreds, even thousands, of Likes. These are some of the best methods we've come up with to help you gain more Facebook Likes each day.

  1. The most basic way of gaining Likes is by simply sharing your Fan Page with your friends. Ask them to Like your page. It may take some convincing for some of your friends, but it's important to understand that most of that depends on how interactive and engaging your Facebook friends are. It also doesn't hurt to ask your Facebook friends to share your Fan Page with their Friends.

  2. Create incentives to gain Likes for your page. Offer special discounts or contests that offer prizes/give-aways exclusively for Facebook fans. By making these discounts and contests exclusive to fans, visitors to your page will be more inclined to Like your page. You're current fans will be excited to share what you have to offer to their own friends, which will potentially create more Likes.

  3. Add a Like box/button to your website. If you have a company or personal website, be sure to put a Facebook Like button on your webpage. It should be very visible so that it is easily accessible for them to Like your page without ever having to actually leave your website. The same can be said for blogs, forums and other sociable websites you use.

  4. Create interactive Youtube annotations. These are the tiny little ad's that pop up while you are watching Youtube videos. This marking strategy is an incredible and very effective method for gaining Likes.

  5. Create a signature email link. When writing emails, take advantage of an opportunity to endorse your Facebook page by simply adding a link below your email signature. This is a great and simple way to gain Likes.

  6. Look for other Facebook pages that are relevant to the subject of your Fan Page. These pages could be a great opportunity to gain more fans and Likes.

  7. Also search for blogs that are relevant to your Fan Page. Post comments along with your Facebook page link. Remember to not be spammy. Simply comment on the blog or post and ten explain why readers should Like your page (this is where an incentive could help).

  8. Advertise on Facebook itself. If you believe that you have a highly likable brand that people don't need much convincing to Like after seeing your ad, then Facebook advertising can be very effective.

  9. Our final suggestions should go without saying: post every day and post quality subject matter. You're fans will appreciate your activity and will be more likely to share your page with their friends.

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