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5 Reasons to Use Vimeo

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Published: Friday, May 31, 2013

When it comes to hosting videos online, there are two major players that come to mind: YouTube and Vimeo. With over 800 million unique visitors per month and approximately 70 hours of content being upload every single minute, we, of course, all recognize YouTube as the biggest dog in the yard when it comes to video-sharing. However, Vimeo has plenty of advantages despite their smaller audience and it's important to know and understand which platform will work best to suit your needs and audience.

  1. A Modest Community of Professionals - unlike YouTube's enormous audience, Vimeo offers users a smaller niche community of film enthusiasts. While they only receive around 70 million unique visitors each month, it's modest size produces a much more intimate and engaging community of viewers and users that are much more likely to appreciate your work.

  2. Less Fluff - Let's be honest here, with over 70 hours of video footage being uploaded every minute on YouTube, it's pretty safe to say that every hour is not going to be something you'd like to watch. It'll be a lot harder for you to find a 30 second video of a man in a penguin suit dancing Gangnam style on Vimeo than it would be on YouTube. Plus, since there's less fluff, you're more likely to receive constructive criticism in your comments section.

  3. The Streamlined Layout - Aside from the noticeable difference in video genres, Vimeo offers users a much more streamlined aesthetic when compared to YouTube. Videos on Vimeo are much larger and there is only a limited amount of "clutter" around the frame, so it really helps to make the video the primary focus of the website and nothing else.

  4. Advertisement Free - The biggest perk of all for the viewers: no annoying banners or 30-second commercials before you've even had a chance to watch your video.

  5. Password Protection - One really great feature that Vimeo has is the ability for users to password protect individual videos, allowing the user to easily share the video with friends before setting them as public. Unlike YouTube, a user can simply forward their video to a friend and provide them with that particular video's password in order to view it without need of a user account or the need to be logged in.

If you haven't given Vimeo a look at, be sure that you take some time to do so. Basic membership is Free, while other membership levels start at only $9.95 a month.

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